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Kim Yo Jong (Kim Yo’-cho’ng) votes in elections for the 13th Supreme People’s Assembly at Kim Il Sung University of Politics in Pyongyang on 9 March 2014 (Photo: KCTV-Yonhap).

Kim Yo Jong (Kim Yo’-cho’ng) votes in elections for the 13th Supreme People’s Assembly at Kim Il Sung University of Politics in Pyongyang on 9 March 2014 (Photo: KCTV-Yonhap).

updated and revised 10 March 2014

Kim Yo Jong (Kim Yo’-cho’ng) is a Korean Workers’ Party [KWP] official and the youngest daughter of the DPRK’s late supreme leader Kim Jong Il.  She works as an aide to older brother, current supreme leader Kim Jong Un, tasked with managing his public events, itineraries and logistical needs.

Kim Yo Jong was born on 26 September in 1987, the youngest child from Kim Jong Il’s relationship with Ko Yong Hui (Ko Yo’ng-hu’i). She was raised primarily in Ko’s residence on Ch’angkwang Hill in central Pyongyang, along with her older brothers, Kim Jong Chol (Kim Cho’ng-ch’o’l; born 1981) and Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n; born 1983).  The KJI-Ko family was largely sequestered behind the walls of residential compounds.  It is not clear if Yo Jong joined her mother and and older brother Kim Jong Un on a family excursion to Japan in the 1990s.  Like her older brothers and step (half) siblings, on her birthday and other special occasions she wore a Korean People’s Army [KPA] dress uniform to meet her father.

In the spring of 1996, Kim joined her brothers in Berne, Switzerland.  From the spring of 1996 until December 2000 she attended an elementary school, close to where Jong Un studied, under the name “Kim Yo’ng-sun.”  Home video footage taken by other students‘ families showed Yo Jong at a school recital with Kim Jong Un.  Kim Yo Jong returned to the DPRK in late 2000, having completed sixth grade.  The Kims lived in a private home with a residence chief (holding the rank of KWP Central Committee deputy director) and several attendants and bodyguards.  A school employee thought Kim was “overprotected” by “several women” that waited on her and drove her to school.  The Kim children were most likely visited regularly by their mother and other family members.  During the 1990s, Ko Yong Hui traveled to Switzerland and France to receive medical treatment for breast cancer.

It is not clear where or how she completed her secondary and university education.   Yo Jong’s older brothers attended special courses at Kim Il Sung Military University.  There are also rumors in Pyongyang that she returned to Europe to complete university coursework after her mother’s death in 2004.

Kim Yo Jong’s whereabouts and activities until 2008 are not known.  At that time, she may have sufficiently completed her education to be appointed as a junior cadre in the central party, working under her father or her aunt, Kim Kyong Hui (Kim Kyo’ng-hu’i). After Kim Jong Il’s strokes in August and September 2008, Yo Jong joined her brother Kim Jong Un at their father’s bedside.  When KJI, Kim Kyong Hui, Jang Song Taek and several other central leadership figures finalized succession planning, they included a significant and unknown role for Kim Yo Jong.

Kim Yo Jong posed for this commemorative photo with her siblings and party propaganda chief and long time KJI friend, Kim Ki Nam, at Wonsan University of Agriculture in Kangwon Province in May 2009. (Photo: KCNA-Yonhap)

In May 2009, Kim Jong Il visited Wo’nsan University of Agriculture.  Part of the university campus is housed in buildings constructed by German monks in the early 20th century, and the campus itself is located in close proximity to the Kim Family’s residential compound in Wo’nsan.  At his visit, KJI was escorted by a large number of senior party, military and government officials.  Also in attendance was Kim Jong Un, who KJI formally introduced to university and local party officials.  Kim Jong Un posed for a commemorative photograph on the university’s campus with Korean Workers’ Party Propaganda Secretary Kim Ki Nam, as well as his older brother Jong Chol and Yo Jong.

During 2009 and 2010 Kim Yo Jong was active in helping establish Kim Jong Un’s hereditary succession campaign.  She worked either in the National Defense Commission or in Kim Jong Il’s Personal Secretariat.  Kim joined the close aides and Kim Family members that attended KJI’s visits and inspections, but who remained largely in the background with their presence rarely photographed and unreported in DPRK state media.  In September 2010, South Korean media identified a woman as Kim Yo Jong attending a photo-op of participants of the 3rd Korean Workers’ Party Conference.  In the image, the woman reported to be Yo Jong is positioned with members of KJI’s staff.  She stood next to Kim Ok, KJI’s fifth consort and technical secretary, and behind National Defense Commission Vice Chairman VMar Ri Yong Mu, a member of the Kim Family.

Kim Yo Jong continued her behind-the-scenes work for her father and brother.  By 2011 she was a regular member of KJI’s entourage, although it is not clear if she traveled with him on his trip to China in May or his trip to Russia and China in August.  Her last known reported public appearances occurred during various events held for Kim Jong Il’s funeral in December 2011.  On at least two occasions state media showed Yo Jong leading groups of senior party and security institutions in bowing at KJI’s casket.  In a ceremony held prior to the departure of the cortege to Kim Il Sung Square, she stood between party elders Choe Yong Rim and Jon Pyong Ho.

Since her brother’s accession to the supreme leadership of the DPRK, Kim Yo Jong has been routinely observed attending Kim Jong Un’s public appearances.  She presently works in KJU’s executive office where she manages his public appearances–including his itineraries, schedule, logistical needs and security arrangements.  Kim Yo Jong has ties to the Guard Command and Ministry of State Security.  On 9 March 2014 she was mentioned in a DPRK state media report when she voted in SPA elections.  This was the first observed explicit mention of Kim Yo Jong as a senior DPRK official.

Members of the DPRK central leadership attend a funeral ceremony for Kim Jong Il in the plaza outside Ku’msusan Memorial Hall on 28 December 2011. Seen in this image (L-R) are: VMar Kim Yong Chun; VMar Ri Yong Ho; Kim Jong Un; Kim Yong Nam; Choe Yong Rim; Kim Yo Jong; and Jon Pyong Ho (Photo: KCNA-Yonhap)

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