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National Defense Commission, Foreign Ministry Issues Statements on Foal Eagle, Key Resolve

National Defense Commission, as of January 2016 (Photo: NK Leadership Watch graphic).

National Defense Commission, as of January 2016 (Photo: NK Leadership Watch graphic).

The DPRK National Defense Commission [NDC], the supreme organ of the state, issued a statement on March 7 (Monday) warning of “military counter-action for preemptive attack” ahead of the annual US-ROK Key Resolve and Foal Eagle exercises.

The NDC said that the US and ROK are “claiming that the  joint military exercises amount to ‘a crucial pressure’ pursuant to the unreasonable UN ‘resolution on sanctions’ faked up by them under the groundless pretext of the DPRK’s self-defensive first H-bomb test and its legitimate launch of earth observation satellite Kwangmyo’ngso’ng-4” and that “the enemies, seized with extreme frenzy for invading the north, threw off even the deceptive mask ‘annual and defensive ones.”

The NDC pronounced “the situation is getting ever more serious as the enemies decided to stage the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle 16 joint military exercises by the way of fighting an actual war involving the thrice-cursed ‘beheading operation’ aimed to remove the supreme headquarters of the DPRK and ‘bring down its social system’ pursuant to the extremely adventurous OPLAN 5015.”

According to KCNA, the NDC outlined “the following principled stand” regarding “the fact that the prevailing situation reached a dangerous phase which should not be overlooked any longer” :

1. The army and people of the DPRK will launch an all-out offensive to decisively counter the U.S. and its followers’ hysteric nuclear war moves to plunge the space of the DPRK’s existence into a nuclear disaster, not content with wantonly encroaching upon the sovereignty and security of the dignified DPRK.

Tragedy is that the U.S. and its followers have not yet realized how the illegal and outrageous “sanctions” make this land boil like a crucible of battle for wiping out the enemies and into what great fury their war frenzy for invading the north with nuclear threat is lashing all the service personnel and people of the DPRK.

As the enemies are foolishly resorting to military means including nuclear attack on the DPRK, all its service personnel and people will turn out in the general offensive to fully demonstrate the tremendous military muscle with nuclear force as pivot which they have built under the slogan of wiping out the U.S. imperialists and their lackeys to the last man.

2 . The army and people of the DPRK will take military counteraction for preemptive attack so that they may deal merciless deadly blows at the enemies under the grave situation where they are working with bloodshot eyes to infringe upon the dignity, sovereignty and vital rights of the DPRK.

We have the Chuch’e-based mode of military counteraction to defend the socialist country as firm as a rock from any aggression and war in the world.

As the joint military exercises to be staged by the enemies are regarded as the most undisguised nuclear war drills aimed to infringe upon the sovereignty of the DPRK, its military counteraction will be more preemptive and offensive nuclear strike to cope with them.

The indiscriminate nuclear strike to be made by the DPRK will clearly show those keen on aggression and war the military mettle of Chuch’e Korea.

Preemptive nuclear strike of justice is to be made in the order specified by the Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army in its crucial statement.

3. If the enemies dare kick off even the slightest military action while vociferating about “beheading operation” aimed to remove the supreme headquarters of the DPRK and “bring down its social system”, its army and people will not miss the opportunity but realize the greatest desire of the Korean nation through a sacred war of justice for reunification.

We have a military operation plan of our style to liberate south Korea and strike the U.S. mainland ratified by our dignified supreme headquarters.

Pursuant to it, offensive means have been deployed to put major strike targets in the operation theaters of south Korea within the firing range and the powerful nuclear strike means targeting the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces bases in the Asia-Pacific region and the U.S. mainland are always ready to fire.

If we push the buttons to annihilate the enemies even right now, all bases of provocations will be reduced to seas in flames and ashes in a moment and the U.S. imperialists’ nuclear strategic means on which the puppet forces depend as “saviors” turn into piles of scrap iron whether they are in the air, seas and land.

The time will prove how the crime-woven history of the U.S. imperialists who have grown corpulent through aggression and war will come to an end and how the Park Geun Hye (Pak Ku’n-hye) group’s disgraceful remaining days will meet a miserable doom as it is keen on the confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north.

The army and people of the DPRK will make the gunfire of provocateurs in the reckless war of aggression sound as a sad dirge.


DPRK Foreign Ministry and DPRK government office buildings in central Pyongyang (Photo: NK Leadership Watch).

DPRK Foreign Ministry and DPRK government office buildings in central Pyongyang (Photo: NK Leadership Watch).

On March 6 (Sunday) the DPRK Foreign Ministry issued a statement ahead of Key Resolve and Foal Eagle.  According to KCNA, the statement was :

The U.S. is working hard to turn the Korean Peninsula into the theater of a war, not content with slapping its unreasonable “sanctions” against the DPRK over its self-defensive H-bomb test and satellite launch for peaceful purposes, the statement said, and went on:

What should not be overlooked is the fact that the U.S. is openly crying out for examining the feasibility of the “beheading operation” and “high-density strike” through the joint military drills which would involve huge forces enough to fight a war.

This clearly indicates that the projected joint military drills are dangerous war rehearsals which fully reveal their aggressive nature after discarding such cloak as “annual” and “defensive” that has been employed by the U.S. in a trite method.

The DPRK can never remain a passive onlooker to the U.S. desperate moves to ignite a war of aggression by increasing the danger to extremes in the Korean Peninsula.

In case a war breaks out on this land, it will neither be limited to the peninsula nor will it be a conventional war.

No one can vouch that the do-or-die confrontation between the DPRK and the U.S. will not spill over to a global thermonuclear war.

The DPRK will completely turn its mode of military counteraction against the enemy into that of preemptive attack as the situation reached an uncontrollable grave phase.

A decisive preemptive attack is the only way for the DPRK to beat back the sudden surprise attack of the U.S. ultra-modern military hardware and special units and protect itself as its strategic depth is not long.

It is quite natural exercise of the right to self-defense for the DPRK to mount a preemptive attack as its counteraction as the U.S. poses an extreme nuclear threat to it after introducing nuclear weapons into south Korea and designating it as part of an “axis of evil” and target of preemptive nuclear strike since long before it had access to nuclear weapons.

If a war breaks out in the peninsula, the U.S. will be held accountable for igniting the war by mobilizing strategic means and war hardware, regardless of who mounted a preemptive attack.

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