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NDC Policy Department Calls for US to “Roll Back Its Anachronistic Hostile Policy”

Ministry of the People's Armed Forces complex (Photo: Google image)

Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces complex (Photo: Google image)

The DPRK National Defense Commission [NDC] Policy Department released a statement on May 25 (Wednesday) that claimed the “US has imposed misfortune and pain upon the Korean people for the last several decades” and “should roll back its anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK which ranked itself among the advanced nuclear powers.”  According to KCNA, the NDC Policy Department said:

The US is not aware of its impending miserable end, still seized with an anachronistic Cold War-minded way of thinking.

Odd views that in any case it is impossible to change the principle of “north Korea’s denuclearization first and halt to the pressure on it next” are heard from the US political camp including the White House to mislead the public opinion. And a litany of such provocative invectives that “a switchover in the US government’s policy towards north Korea entirely hinges on its changes” is reeled off.

The warmongers of the Pentagon are openly talking about their plan to stage the U.S.-Japan-south Korea joint drills under the simulated conditions of an actual war for coping with the “threat” from the DPRK’s ballistic missiles for the first time in history as part of the scheduled large-scale RIMPAC [Rim of the Pacific] exercises.

The cunning US is taking such double-dealing attitude as hurling the U.S. imperialist aggressor troops present in south Korea under the mask of “UN force” into the Military Demarcation Line [MDL] in P’anmunjo’m for the farce of “informing” over loudspeaker the KPA side of its wish to restore the severed DPRK-US military hotline and resume contact, afraid of punishment in case it turns down the DPRK’s principled demand.

The hostile policy persistently pursued by the US towards the DPRK is a product of its anachronistic and unreasonable one lacking understanding and self-ruinous policy.

The first reason is that the above-said policy is a product of the anachronistic dream as it is insisting on its unilateral brigandish demand, disregarding the changed reality and the trend of the times.

Early in the 1950s, the US invaded the north, brandishing A-bomb against rifle but it is standing against the irresistible entity possessed of even tremendous H-bomb called “absolute weapon” on our planet at present.

Tragedy is that the US is ignoring not only the changed reality but the trend of the times.

The longer the US is carried away by the hallucination of aggression and war, disregarding the worldwide trend, and the more reckless moves it pursues to isolate and stifle the DPRK, the bitterer disgrace it will suffer and the dearer price it will have to pay.

The second reason is that the US hostile policy toward the DPRK is a product of ignorance based on the theory of the jungle law bereft of any elementary understanding of its rival.

The DPRK-US confrontation has lasted for 71 years amid an extreme hostility.

But the US hostile policy toward the DPRK remains unchanged as it has been consistently pursued by the most hostile and outrageous methods.

The US would be well advised to realize that it is the best way of escaping the nightmare and misfortune to properly understand who its rival is, though belatedly, recognize the reality, though painful, and reshape its foolish Korea policy.

The third reason is that the US hostile policy toward the DPRK is a product of a self-ruinous policy as it only precipitates its most miserable final doom by itself.

The history of the DPRK-US confrontation clearly records the immutable law that certain victory is the tradition of So’ngun (military-first) Korea and the brigandish US is fated to sustain a defeat.

The US should foresee what the DPRK-US relations will be in future in case it insists on its hostile policy toward the DPRK in the light of the past and present realities.

For the US to roll back its anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK as early as possible, though belatedly, would only offer it an opportunity of escaping a miserable fate.

On May 24 (Tuesday), the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces [MPAF] sent a notice to the ROK military, as follow-up to the NDC’s open letter that called for North-South military talks which the ROK later rejected.  According to KCNA, the MPAF said:

The purpose of the military authorities’ talks is not to call in question what is the principal reason for creating the military tensions on the Korean peninsula and who is to blame for them.

The opening of the inter-Korean military authorities’ talks reflects all Koreans’ expectation and desire for immediate discussion and solution to pressing issues such as the danger of military clashes along the Military Demarcation Line [MDL] and in the hotspot of the West Sea which may spark physical confrontation right now.

A spark of clash is bound to spill over to a war between the north and the south and it is the Korean nation who will fall victim to it.

Nothing can be a prerequisite or excuse for denying dialogue and shunning negotiations, the best way of settling all issues.

To refuse to meet, misusing an important issue decisive of the rise and fall of the Korean nation for achieving an absurd political purpose, is nothing but a far-fetched assertion that convinces no one.

The DPRK remains unchanged in its stand to hold a working-level contact for opening the north-south military authorities’ talks late in May or early in June.

The south Korean authorities should immediately respond to the DPRK’s proposal for ensuring peace of the country and security of the nation by deescalating the acute military tensions between the north and the south.

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