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KPA General Staff Issues Statement on Decapitation Chatter, B-1 Presence

KPA General Staff (Photo: NK Leadership Watch graphic).

KPA General Staff (Photo: NK Leadership Watch graphic).

This appears to be the DPRK’s first observed response to the latest news media reporting about ROK Ministry Defense’s “plan” to establishing a unit tasked to target the DPRK leadership 

The Korean People’s Army [KPA] General Staff issued a statement on September 22 (Thursday) in response to the “south Korean puppet warmongers have gone reckless in their moves at the instigation of the US imperialists” and which said that “the US imperialists and the south Korean puppet warmongers anti-DPRK military provocations have pushed the situation on the Korean peninsula to the uncontrollable and irreversible phase of the outbreak of nuclear war.”
According to KCNA:
The final target of the racket for military pressure on the DPRK being kicked up by the US and the puppet group of traitors is the “regime change in the north” through the “removal” of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.
Upon authorization, the General Staff of the KPA clarified the principled stand to take a military counteraction of the Korean revolutionary armed forces:
Robber-like US imperialists and the Park Geun Hye [Pak Ku’n-hye] group of traitors should not forget even a moment that our revolutionary armed forces are ready to fight a decisive battle to thoroughly foil the reckless military moves for carrying out their “scenario for making a preemptive strike at the north.”
The time will prove what disastrous consequences will be entailed by the reckless remarks made by such half wits as Park Geun Hye [Pak Ku’n-hye] and Han Min Gu [Han Min-ku].
The DPRK’s access to the treasured nuclear sword is aimed to foil the adventurous nuclear war racket of the US imperialists who have ceaselessly resorted to nuclear threat and blackmail against the DPRK for the last several decades.
The nuclear warheads fired by the KPA as punishment will completely reduce to ashes Seoul, the center of confrontation with compatriots where Ch’o’ng’wadae is located and reactionary ruling machines are concentrated.
The US imperialist aggressor forces should face up to the reality on this land.
Should they escalate the danger of military provocations by letting B-1Bs fly over the air of Korea, the KPA will sweep Guam, the base of provocations, from the surface of the earth.
The “operation for eliminating the leadership of the north” much touted by the Park Geun Hye [Pak Ku’n-hye] group would only result in bringing the complete collapse of Ch’o’ng’wadae and reducing Seoul to debris and the U.S. introduction of nuclear war means would put its aggressor forces’ bases in the theaters of Pacific operations into a nuclear nightmare.
The US imperialists and the south Korean puppet forces should seriously heed to the DPRK’s warning that the only way for them to escape the infuriated KPA’s crushing strikes is to exercise prudence and self-restraint, refraining from infringing upon the latter’s dignity and security.
Our revolutionary armed forces never make an empty talk.

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